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This Results Disclaimer is applicable to all clients, customers, and users (collectively referred to as “Clients”) of Segenic, a business development company specialising in helping other companies grow, acquire new clients, and increase their revenue.

Please read this Disclaimer Policy carefully. Your engagement with Segenic indicates that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.

Limitation of Liability

While Segenic endeavours to provide the best possible service and results, we cannot guarantee any specific outcomes, including but not limited to client acquisition rates, revenue growth, or return on investment (ROI).

The effectiveness of our strategies may vary based on various factors, including the specific circumstances and capabilities of each client company.

Results May Vary

It should be explicitly understood that results can and will vary between different companies. Companies with pre-existing digital assets, such as websites, social media accounts, and customer databases, may experience different results compared to those without these assets.

Industry-Specific Factors

While Segenic focuses exclusively on one industry, it’s essential to understand that even within a specific industry, there are nuanced differences that can impact results. These can include varying target audiences, regional preferences, or specialized sub-sectors within the industry. The effectiveness of strategies can differ based on these unique industry-specific nuances, and as such, what works exceptionally well for one company may not necessarily yield the same results for another, even if they operate within the same industry.

Market Conditions

Economic fluctuations, changes in consumer demand, and other market conditions can significantly impact the effectiveness of any business development strategies.

Company Maturity

Newer companies without established brand recognition may face different challenges compared to well-established businesses. The time needed to see significant results may also vary accordingly.


The speed and fidelity in implementing the strategies we provide can affect outcomes. Delays or partial implementation may lead to sub-optimal results.

Pre-Existing Digital Assets

Companies with pre-existing digital assets like websites, customer databases, and social media following have a foundational base that can be leveraged for faster and potentially more substantial results. On the contrary, companies without these assets may need to invest more time and resources to build this foundation, thereby affecting the speed and level of ROI achievable.

Resource Allocation

The amount and quality of resources—such as time, money, and manpower—allocated to implement the strategies will also have a direct impact on the outcomes.

External Factors

Changes in regulations, market disruptions caused by unforeseen events like natural disasters, and other external factors can also influence results in ways that are beyond our control and yours.

Given these and other potential variables, Segenic cannot guarantee specific outcomes or levels of success. Clients should set realistic expectations and be prepared for various results, which may be influenced by factors both listed and not listed here.

High ROI For Companies Without Digital Assets

Clients should be aware that the absence of existing digital assets could make it more challenging for Segenic to achieve very high ROI. Digital assets serve as fundamental building blocks in crafting and implementing successful business development strategies. The lack of these assets may limit the extent to which our strategies can be effective in generating client growth and revenue.

Limited Data for Decision-making

Digital assets often come with valuable data and analytics that help in tailoring strategies for customer engagement and conversion. Without these assets, the strategy might have to rely on market averages or less reliable data, which could be less effective.

Time-Consuming Initial Phase

The absence of digital assets such as a customer database, website or social media presence means that the initial phase of our engagement will require setting up these assets. This setup is time-consuming and could delay the results you expect to see, thereby affecting the quick realization of ROI.

Increased Resource Allocation

Creating new digital assets often requires a higher upfront investment of resources, both in terms of time and capital. This initial investment could affect the immediate ROI and extend the timeframe required to see a return on your investment.

Absence of Online Credibility

Companies with established digital assets often have some level of online credibility that can be leveraged for quicker conversions. In the absence of these assets, building credibility takes time, thereby affecting the speed at which ROI is achieved.

Reduced Competitive Edge

Digital assets serve as important tools for differentiation in a crowded market. Without them, your company may not stand out effectively against competitors who have well-established digital footprints, leading to potentially lower ROI.

Reduced Multi-Channel Engagement

Having a variety of digital assets allows for a multi-channel approach to marketing and customer engagement, increasing the likelihood of higher ROI. Without these assets, opportunities for customer touchpoints are reduced, which can limit revenue generation strategies.

Lack of Customer Retargeting

Digital assets like customer databases enable effective retargeting strategies, which often yield higher ROI. Without these assets, retargeting opportunities are limited, possibly leading to lower ROI over time.

Given these challenges, companies lacking in digital assets should set more conservative expectations for ROI when engaging with Segenic. While we strive to deliver the best possible outcomes for all our clients, the lack of digital assets can significantly restrict the strategies we can employ and the results we can achieve.

Third-Party Services

While Segenic may recommend third-party services or products as part of our business development strategy, we are not responsible for the performance or reliability of these third-party services.


We reserve the right to update this Disclaimer Policy at any time without notice. It is the responsibility of the client to regularly check this page for any changes.


By using our services, you acknowledge that you have read this Disclaimer Policy and agree to all its terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the terms, you should not use the services of Segenic.

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