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A select range of digital and business development solutions proportionally tailored to your goals.

Our neoteric PAICC(vN) methodology will deliver prepaid patients to your clinic's door, on autopilot.

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Our System Explained

It all begins with the focused, frequent and flawless generation of vetted prospects for your business. Subsequently, they are further qualified via our internal team of patient coordinators. Finally, we schedule and book the patient appointments directly into your calendar. We implement, manage and oversee all technicalities. So you can relax and just focus on delivering first-class treatment. No client is the same. We handle every new venture with radical open-mindedness and an unbending commitment to excellence.

How it works


Deliver Vetted Traffic

The traffic we deliver to your bespoke offer first goes through our internal vetting system. We employ empirical rigour and scientific precision to ensure the traffic-source setup meets our criteria and only motivated audiences view your offer.

Step 1
Leverage Our Coordinators

Next, we'll assign one of our patient coordinators to your clinic. They will work on your behalf and reach out to all potential patients. Your prospects will only talk to medically versed professionals throughout their entire customer journey.

Step 2
Further Qualification

Our coordinator will personally text and call the prospects who've opted-in for your bespoke offer, in order to qualify them further and schedule an appointment.

Step 3
Automatic Scheduling

The coordinator will then schedule the appointment directly in your calendar. Plus, we take care of all the patient follow-ups and appointment reminders for your clinic.

Step 4
Patients On Autopilot

From your perspective, you simply wake up, make your tea or coffee and check your calendar. That's it. New patients will be coming every week, on full autopilot.

Step 5
Premier Clinic Coalition

If we make a good fit working together, and you treat the patients we send you correctly, we'll invite you to join the Premier Clinic Coalition. Our private community of the top clinics in the UK, where we'll personally provide you with advanced business development training to grow your clinic at an exponential rate. You'll also gain full access to the clinics' hive mind, where we discuss the best pharma suppliers, labs, equipment manufacturers, receive potential discounts exclusive only to members, and other pertinent trade secrets. All of this is completely free for those eligible to join.

Currently in BETA

From Prospects → To Appointments → To New Patients → To Recurring Patients

The PAICC(vN) System Infrastructure

Prospect Acquisition Subsystem
Leads are swiftly procured from dissimilar traffic sources and are vetted via this front-facing sentry subsystem to become qualified prospects with intent.
Prospect Qualification Subsystem
All prospects are next further qualified to ascertain their suitability for the preferred treatment and to confirm they're motivated to make the purchase.
Appointment modulation Subsystem
The appointments are scheduled directly in our partner's calendar without overlapping with their existing commitments. And all patient reminders are automated.
Exclusion Nurturing Subsystem
The prospects who don't pass our qualification criteria, are excluded, but aren't discarded. They go into an ancillary nurturing channel until they're ready to buy.
Patient Nurturing Subsystem
The prospects who become patients go into a separate nurturing channel where they receive personalised advice until they become repeat customers.
Partner Feedback Subsystem
Mirroring physiological feedback loops, this subsystem allows for cyclical patterns of improvement which, in turn, fosters an environment of perpetual learning.
Renewable Energy Aspiration
We're committed to making the PAICC(vN) system use only renewable energy. Sustainability can be tricky, but we're doing our part to ensure a habitable future.
Privacy-Focused And open Source
Keeping our partner and patient data confidential is paramount. We use open source operating systems, 256-AES encryption, and are HIPAA compliant.
Secondary Synaptic Network​
As the PAICC(vN) system generates patients, it's also concurrently building a Secondary Synaptic Network (SSN) for each one of our partner clinics.

Our Team Is Many. Our Limitations Are Few.

Working Together

Should our collaboration prove mutually beneficial and our partnership ensues, you can expect from us unmatched punctuality, unrelenting work ethic and innate digital acumen among other inimitable company traits.



Things get done on time and in accordance with the initially established blueprint. However, we always allow for a certain degree of autoregulation to offset the inherently volatile nature of the digital macro space. Nonetheless, every major pivot we make will be first discussed with you at length.



We always employ a pragmatic methodology to business development. Our team works both hard and smart to achieve measurable results with statistical significance. Such results hit our mutual objectives, drive new customers to your door, increase your profit and attain unparalleled ROI.


Requisite Variety

Due to the vast expertise and deep pool of knowledge that our team of experts possess, we as a company, have the ability to see around the corner. New opportunities and new mediums for growth are constantly being discussed internally, and we’ll be continuously sharing with you our worthwhile findings.

Join The Ranks Of The Uncommon

Let's Build Something Special

Are you prepared to join the ranks of the uncommon? Those vital few companies that dominate their sector and bend the fabric of the online macrocosm to their will. With our help you’ll achieve that and more. Our cardinal objective is to make you not only uncommon, but uncommon amongst the uncommon. To make you a true outlier. Even if you already have a firm grasp of your industry’s market share, we’ll propel you into the unprecedented strata. Your competition’s efforts to surpass you will become futile. We want the result of our partnership to be something special. However, this doesn’t mean that we can help everyone. If you happen to be one of those rare cases where we can’t help, we’ll outright let you know. We’re very particular about who we work with. Our values, ideologies, ambitions and expectations must overlap, to a large extent, in order to make this partnership operate both efficiently and effectively.

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

If you think we’ll make a great fit working together, don’t hesitate to contact us or apply for a strategy session.