6 Months to £107,000+ in ROI With £0 Ad Spend

This case study elucidates the ‘hypersonic’ success of one of our partner clinics, which specialise in sports and injury rehabilitation and offers PRP, Stem Cells, and other proprietary regenerative treatments.

62 Prepaid Appointments in 3 Months

This case study exemplifies the ironclad, airtight and isochronal disposition of our PAICC(vN) system which synergistically delivers qualified patients to our partner clinics, on full autopilot akin to molecular clockwork.

£7,500 in Ad Spend at 7.8x ROAS in 3 Months

This case study tracks one of our collaborative partner clinics across a span of 90 consecutive days, illuminating how astute ad spend allocation by method of PAICCv5.4 can result in statistically significant and traceable profit.