Case Studies

Explore our latest partner case studies and their statistically significant outcomes.

Get a panoptic view of our PAICC(vN) system and see how it can bring you new patients, on autopilot.

6 Months to £107,000+ in ROI With £0 Ad Spend

Using one of our confidential, high-leverage, confluent frameworks by method of PAICCv6, we generated over £107,000 in ROI (eq. GBP amt.) with £0 ad spend and only a marginal upfront investment, covering operating costs.

62 Prepaid Appointments in 3 Months

By employing the latest iteration of our rolling-release PAICCv6 system, we harnessed untapped blue oceans within Google & YouTube and delivered 62 prepaid appointments directly to our partner clinic’s door in little under 3 months.

£7,500 in Ad Spend at 7.8x ROAS in 3 Months

In a 3-month Facebook & Messenger synergistic campaign, with £7,500 ad spend, we generated £58,500 for our partner clinic and their multiple locations. Additionally, as a by-product of this campaign, we grew their contact list by 18%.

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Experience true profit, not vanity metrics.
Each partner we onboard is treated as a postgraduate thesis. We study your business meticulously to discern every little brand detail and cognise what makes you different. This enables us to construct an expansive Secondary Synaptic Network (SSN) bespoke to your clinic. Culminating in an unprecedented digital masterwork that converts prospects into prepaid appointments, in turn, into happy patients and finally into brand advocates. Which alters your profit's cause and effect so that the effect becomes the cause.


Unravel The Structural Framework of Business Development

Our resolute devotion to the scientific method culminates in the paradigm-shifting, inimitable PAICC(vN) methodology which allows us to not only give you an evident competitive edge but rig the entire game in your favour.