Your Application Was Submitted Successfully

You’ll receive a reply within 24 – 72 hours. We’re looking forward to working together!

What are the next steps?

Immediately upon submitting your application, we’ll begin doing our due diligence.

This entails thoroughly analysing your clinic’s current digital presence and cyberspace standing, to see if we can help you in a statistically significant way.

With the main goal being to generate new high-quality patients for your clinic each month on autopilot. But ancillary growth targets will also be considered.

If we conclude that by working together, we can bring you at minimum + 3x ROI, we’ll reply via the contact information you provided in your application.

After which, we can proceed with scheduling a strategy session, where we’ll discuss your goals, profit objectives, revenue targets, and long term vision in-depth.

1. Comprehensive Strategy Session

The first step, would be to have a comprehensive strategy session with your clinic’s directors and management.

This will be an informal call where we’ll go in-depth to understand your goals, target audience, service offering, revenue objectives and unique selling proposition.

We’ll also further assess your clinic’s existing digital presence and identify key areas of improvement based on your input.

Finally, we’ll discuss how we can leverage the PAICC(vN) system to hit your aforementioned goals and objectives, and how we can utilise it to expedite your long-term vision.

2. Accelerated Partner Onboarding

If we agree to work together during the strategy session, then we can proceed with our ‘accelerated onboarding’.

This involves fast-tracking the implementation of the PAICC(vN) system and concurrently drawing an operational blueprint with mutually approved revenue and profit targets, to ensure you start seeing tangible results and ROI quickly.

We’ll set up your bespoke client portal, from which you’ll be able to effortlessly access and view our mutual progress.

You’ll be able to see the appointments we’re generating for your clinic in real time, check ongoing projects,, schedule calls and chat with us 24/7/365, plus much more.

You can be as involved as you want. Some of our partner clinics want a completely hands-off approach, others want to monitor things a bit closer.

Regardless, everything is fully transparent and is only a click away. 

3. New Qualified Patients On Autopilot

Everything culminates in you getting highly-qualified patients to your clinic’s door each month completely on autopilot

Over the years, we’ve built and refined our patent-pending PAICC(vN) multi-tiered system to generate patients for your clinic automatically, while you just focus on delivering first-class treatments.

From your perspective, you simply wake up, make your coffee or drink of choice, open your laptop and check your calendar. That’s it. You’ll see new appointments coming in every week.

Our system has a way of ensuring that the show-up rate for these appointments is high, and that they don’t overlap with your existing commitments.