Bespoke digital Solutions For Regenerative Clinics

Use our new patent-pending system to generate prepaid patients each month, on autopilot.

Experience modern-day alchemy as we help you turn lead(s) into gold.

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A Digital Agency By Day

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Through leveraging our neoteric, isochronous, multipronged PAICC(vN) system we’ll help you decode the genetic backbone of business development. New patients will be delivered to your clinic’s door each month completely on autopilot, via our own team of patient coordinators. An entirely hands-off inimitable methodology, with the singular focus of generating a sudden and sustained leap in sales, profit and ROI.

How it works


Deliver Vetted Traffic

The traffic we deliver to your bespoke offer, first goes through our internal vetting system. We employ empirical rigour and scientific precision to ensure the traffic-source setup meets our criteria and only motivated audiences view your offer.

Step 1
Leverage Our Coordinators

Next, we'll assign one of our patient coordinators to your clinic. They will work on your behalf and reach out to all potential patients. Your prospects will only talk to medically versed professionals throughout their entire customer journey.

Step 2
Further Qualification

Our coordinator will personally text and call the prospects who've opted-in for your bespoke offer, in order to qualify them further and schedule an appointment.

Step 3
Automatic Scheduling

The coordinator will then schedule the appointment directly in your calendar. Plus, we take care of all the patient follow-ups and appointment reminders for your clinic.

Step 4
Patients On Autopilot

From your perspective, you simply wake up, make your tea or coffee and check your calendar. That's it. New patients will be coming every week, on full autopilot.

Step 5
Segenic Digital Marketing Agency

We Don't Close Sales

We Open Partnerships

Our primary aim is to establish long-lasting symbiotic partnerships. We only work with companies for which we have high statistical confidence that we can help. Our team of experts is large and our limitations are few. We provide undivided attention and undiluted focus to each one of our clients.

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Experience true profit, not vanity metrics.
Each partner we onboard is treated as a postgraduate thesis. We study your business meticulously to discern every little brand detail and cognise what makes you different. This enables us to construct an expansive Secondary Synaptic Network (SSN) bespoke to your clinic. Culminating in an unprecedented digital masterwork that converts prospects into prepaid appointments, in turn, into happy patients and finally into brand advocates. Which alters your profit's cause and effect so that the effect becomes the cause.

Let Us Help You

Decode The Genetic Backbone Of Business Development

The PAICC(vN) system synergistically delivers qualified patients to our partner clinics each month on full autopilot, akin to molecular clockwork. It follows a rolling-release protocol, i.e. it is subject to regular, incremental updates, and at cyclical intervals, significant codebase and infrastructural advancements. Hence, our partners perpetually benefit from an evermore lean, effective and powerful, patient-procuring experience.